Monday, October 19, 2009

Crossroads Baptist Church MOPS - The Woodlands, Tx

The Spa Girls just love talking to MOPS groups. (Mothers of Preschoolers). They are usually ready for a break and seem to enjoy the fellowship and spa tips we are able to share. Plus they always have great food. Almost always lots of chocolate and other goodies as well. This last Friday was no exception. We met in the church's beautiful atrium with about 30 moms and even got a chance to try out several of the spa treatments that we talked about. There were a few males in the room but they were just a few weeks old so we went easy on them. The only drawback to meeting with young moms is when you know they just had a new baby and already they are skinnier than I am. I just had my baby too, 17 years ago. Seems like that "baby weight" will never leave! But you know I take it in stride for the betterment of the Spa Girls goodwill. If Melissa and I both showed up to an event skinny I know some of the ladies would hate us, so I will stop trying "so hard" to loose my baby weight. I sure don't want to make any of the sweet women we meet have hard feelings toward me because I look "too good". We finished up the night with spa treatments and more food, I got to hold a little baby and left with a beautiful golden pumpkin. It was a great night!

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