Monday, October 19, 2009

Crossroads Baptist Church MOPS - The Woodlands, Tx

The Spa Girls just love talking to MOPS groups. (Mothers of Preschoolers). They are usually ready for a break and seem to enjoy the fellowship and spa tips we are able to share. Plus they always have great food. Almost always lots of chocolate and other goodies as well. This last Friday was no exception. We met in the church's beautiful atrium with about 30 moms and even got a chance to try out several of the spa treatments that we talked about. There were a few males in the room but they were just a few weeks old so we went easy on them. The only drawback to meeting with young moms is when you know they just had a new baby and already they are skinnier than I am. I just had my baby too, 17 years ago. Seems like that "baby weight" will never leave! But you know I take it in stride for the betterment of the Spa Girls goodwill. If Melissa and I both showed up to an event skinny I know some of the ladies would hate us, so I will stop trying "so hard" to loose my baby weight. I sure don't want to make any of the sweet women we meet have hard feelings toward me because I look "too good". We finished up the night with spa treatments and more food, I got to hold a little baby and left with a beautiful golden pumpkin. It was a great night!

Pines Presbyterian - Houston, Tx

We had a blast with the gals at Pines Presbyterian Church last weekend. The tablescape luncheon was not only beautiful but delicious as well. Plus, the entertainment was not too shabby ! lol. Seriously, we did get to meet lots of new friends and it was a very enjoyable day for all. My daugher and her friend drove in from A&M for the event and even they had a great time. Plus, they handled all of our luggage so they made the day much easier for us. We wish they could travel with us all the time. Don't famous people have "people" like that? Oh well, we'll take what we can get. Thanks girls for giving us one of your precious days off from school and for hanging out with your old mom. And thanks for being polite to all the ladies sitting at the UT table! Whoop!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Baptist - Bossier City, LA

On the road again! After a short break, we were ready to get out among our spa sisters again. Melissa came up to my new home in Zavalla, Tx and hung out with me for the weekend and helped me with my garage sale. On Monday, we packed up our showcase and t-shirts and headed over to Louisiana to meet Deb and her friends.
Deb had actually contacted us several years ago, right after we first started The Spa Girls. Then, life happened and we lost touch for awhile. Recently, Deb met up with us again on Facebook. We love Facebook! When we found each other again, she was heading up the Women's Ministry at First Baptist Church, Bossier City and was looking for programs for her Monday nights in July events. We were so excited to be able to finally meet her at last. Of course, we became instant friends and we had such a fun night. The ladies were so nice and full of laughter and fun. They were a great audience and the food and decorations were incredible.
We got to meet the pastor's wife and Deb's son's mother-in-law, aka, Deb's friend. We sat with them for dinner and had fun getting to know them and finding out where they got their cute shoes. (Necessary info for a spa girl). Wesley in the sound booth was also a great Spa Dude that night! Thanks Wes for keeping the power point and the sound running smoothly!
Bossier City is about 2 hours from Zavalla, we think. We went slow and shopped all along the way. We met a very nice couple in Logansport, LA who run an antique's store. They had Christian music playing, so we introduced ourselves and found out they attend a church near there and had just returned from a fabulous marrige retreat. When people love the Lord you can make friends so fast and we now have 2 new friends in that town. I am going to take my mom there this fall, so I will stop by and visit them again. We ended up at the Bossier City Boardwalk Outlet Mall area. We shopped a little and then went in to Happy Feet for a quick pedicure. It had been too long and they had to work really hard, especially on my feet. After they were finished with us, we were so relaxed we were afraid we wouldn't be able to work, but meeting Deb and her friends jazzed us back up right away and we had so much fun. We hope they invite us back soon!

The Spa Girls Go to Champion Forest Baptist Church

We have been busy this summer! On June 28, we were excited to be able to attend the Champion Forest Baptist Church's Ladies Night Out. It was a Spatacular Evening! Nannette, the Women's Ministry Director, worked very hard to organize a great night out for the ladies. The dinner and dessert was awesome and we even were able to invite some of our friends from Copperfield to come with us since it was so close. Melissa's mom came all the way from Corpus Christi and my Aunt Bennie came from Prestonwood Forest to see us.

They had a great turn out and we had a great time. I hope we get a chance to go and visit them again very soon.

More updates on the way.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Annaville Baptist

The Spa Girls had a great time with the ladies from Annaville Baptist Church in Annaville, Texas. (It is near Corpus Christi). We spent Friday evening with them and Melissa shared our program on Home Cents. It was perfect timing too as we have all been feeling the financial crunch that has affected our nation as well as our personal lives. So, she did her normal presentation on bringing order back to your home, and then we added a lot of money saving tips that the ladies could actually go home and begin practicing immediately. We really like to give helpful hints in all of our presentations that will motivate our listeners to go home and start making changes now! Our big pointer this night was to encourage each lady to go home and research her current electric company to see if she is getting the best rate. Melissa's dad did the exercise earlier that day and was able to find a company that would save him close to $50 per month. He later went on to apply the technique to his church and found a plan to save the church over $1,000 per month. We are not electric company experts or anything like that, but we do love to hunt and find bargains and this is the big area we are working with right now, even in our own homes. There are many companies that offer electrical services now since that industy has been deregulated. Just be sure to read the fine print before you agree to switch companies. Most have a minimum time period that you must sign up for. Anyway, we would just like to encourage each and every one of our listeners to research and look for more ways to save money. And when you find a good one, send it to us!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Few More Pics of Silsbee, TX

I think I might be inclined to cook more at home if my table looked like one of these. Many of the chairs were decorated as well. Most of my pictures turned out too blurry to post. I will work on that for the next event.

First Assembly of God Church, Silsbee, TX

We had a wonderful time with the ladies at the Silsbee, Tx First Assembly of God. There were more than 100 ladies in attendance. Other Assembly of God churches from Silsbee and the surrounding towns were also in attendance. Each table was beautifully decorated and the food was delicious! Melissa and I got to share Spa Cents and then a fun spa party followed. We enjoyed sitting with Sister Gwen and meeting some of her family members. It was a great day and really got us in the mood to celebrate spring and the upcoming Mother's Day. We hope we get invited back there very soon!